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Juris Tuesday Topic
Office Hours with Juris Professional Services Consultants

Learn time-saving tips and best practices for using LexisNexis® Juris® in this exclusive Juris Office Hours session. It is a Q&A-style webinar designed to answer what you really want to know about advanced accounting, payroll, budgets, and auditing now.


Download the webinar slides here

About the Presenters

Kimberly Britain
Sr. LexisNexis Juris Professional Solutions Consultant
Kimberly J. Britain has been a longtime valued resource at Juris, recently celebrating 20 years serving the Juris Client base. Kimberly has held a range of positions championing for the Juris Client, including DOS Conversion Engineer, Trainer, Customer Support Representative, 2L Engineer, and currently a Sr. Consultant on the Juris Professional Services Team. Kimberly was the first consultant to join the Annual Juris Professional Services Plan program. She has worked tirelessly with other experts on the Juris Professional Services team to drive excellence and white-glove services for the service plan customers.

Kathy Baker-Elder
Sr. LexisNexis Juris Professional Solutions Consultant
Kathy is currently in her 21st year as a LexisNexis Juris employee, working with Juris and Juris Suite software. Currently, she is a Sr. LexisNexis Juris Professional Solutions Consultant. Since the fall of 2010, Kathy has delivered onsite and remote consulting services to over 100 new and existing Juris clients. She has a passion for Juris, is dedicated, always strives for customer satisfaction, and with her, the customer comes first.