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Top 3 Priorities to Boost CRM Quality While Minimizing Effort

If you’re finding yourself in charge of more marketing, business development, or CRM data tasks than before, there’s no need to feel stretched or to put in more time and effort.

LexisNexis® InterAction® makes it possible for you to accomplish your firm’s goals more quickly and efficiently. Our InterAction trainers Maggie Hepburn and Drew Sammeth discussed the top three ways to boost your CRM data quality and integrity while minimizing effort, including:

  • Maximizing passive data collection and distribution
  • Minimizing data quality efforts
  • Automating as much as possible

About the Presenters

Maggie Hepburn
Learning Experience Principal with InterAction

Maggie has been training, consulting, and delighting her clients for over 15 years. She is exceptional at ensuring her clients are equipped to handle their daily responsibilities with InterAction. Maggie holds a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics. She thoroughly enjoys anything about the mysteries of language, speech, and pronunciation, so if she’s listening intently, she may be trying to assess where you’re from based on your dialect.

Drew Sammeth
Client Educator, InterAction

Drew is a LexisNexis Client Educator for InterAction, bringing with him almost a decade of experience managing CRM and marketing technology in law firms, including marketing, data quality, training and administration of InterAction as well as e-marketing tools. Focusing on customer success and positive training experiences, Drew utilizes his time creating efficient and engaging course content for applications in real-life scenarios.