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Juris Tuesday Topic
Applying Discounts 101

Learn time-saving tips and best practices for using LexisNexis® Juris® software in our first-ever Juris Tuesday Topic webinar.

In this session, Applying Discounts 101, the webinar topics covered were:

  • How to effectively use and apply discounts
  • What is an “excessive” discount?
  • What reports are available for providing information on discounts applied to client bills?


Download the webinar slides here


The Juris Team is coming to Chicago, Illinois, to conduct a User Forum on Tuesday, February 25 from 12 – 5 pm CST. Register today for a focus group discussion designed to learn about your day-to-day challenges and informative sessions given by industry experts.

About the Presenter

Kathy Baker-Elder
Sr. LexisNexis Juris Professional Solutions Consultant

Kathy is currently in her 21st year as a LexisNexis/Juris employee, working with Juris and Juris Suite software. Currently, she is a Sr. LexisNexis Juris Professional Solutions Consultant. She delivers onsite and remote consulting services to new and existing Juris clients. Since the Fall of 2010, Kathy has delivered consulting services to over 100 new and existing Juris clients. She has a passion for Juris, she is dedicated, she always strives for customer satisfaction, and with her, the customer comes first.