Juris and ClientPay Partner to Cut Credit Card Processing Costs

The LexisNexis® Juris® team is proud to announce that we have chosen ClientPay®, an award-winning cloud-based payment solution, as our partner in streamlining client payments via credit cards and ACH.

ClientPay is the officially endorsed credit card payment solution for Juris users. Firms can now provide their clients with the capabilities to pay their invoices without leaving the office, sending checks, or picking up the phone. ClientPay is equipped to work with you to make sure you get the payment solution that will be tailored to save you time and cut costs associated with payment processing. On average, firms that switch to ClientPay save 17% on process fees and spend 50% less time on payment management. Firms get paid faster and staff is freed from the burden of manual payment processing. 

Reduce Costs by 17%

Reduce Billing Cycles by 50%

The Juris engineering team is currently developing an integration to the ClientPay technology that will allow you to further optimize efficiency by emailing links with online invoices, allowing firms to pay quickly, then automatically importing cash receipts. Start realizing the benefits with ClientPay today and be equipped to take advantage of the integration when it becomes available in late 2020.

Connect with ClientPay now to see how much you could save. Schedule your meeting here.

Who It’s For

The ClientPay credit card payment solution is for firm staff who:

  • process credit card payments and are burdened with the manual efforts of taking payments by phone and in person
  • are looking for ways to enable their clients to pay online
  • don’t accept credit cards because they don’t want to take the security risk of handling credit card information
  • are looking for ways to improve collections on past-due accounts


  • Reduced Billing Cycle
  • Reduced Payment Processing Costs
  • Eliminate Security Concerns
  • Improve Collections
  • Simplify Recurring Payments
  • Automated Client Receipts


ClientPay Pricing for Juris  
Setup Fee FREE
Monthly Fee $0.00
Debit Card Payments 1.45%
Credit Card Payments 1.95%
Specialty Card Payments 2.99%
Per Payment Attempt $0.20



Special ClientPay pricing for Juris customers

  • No sign up fee
  • Rates as low as 1.45%
  • Only pay when you process
  • Separate accounts for your trust payments
  • Coming Soon: Integrated payments through Juris, helping your firm get paid faster and reduce write-offs all while eliminating billing errors


Click here to see additional ClientPay FAQs. Firms can sign up now through ClientPay or with a Juris Sales Representative.


Is there a cost associated with ClientPay? Yes, all credit card services come at a cost. You will pay a percentage of each transaction to ClientPay. Many of these services charge a monthly fee. ClientPay does not. There are no extra Juris costs.
Does ClientPay properly handle trust accounting? Yes, that is one of the primary reasons we chose to endorse them.
Does Juris integrate with ClientPay? Not at this time, but we are developing an integration that is planned to be available in 2020.
Why did LexisNexis choose to partner with ClientPay?
  • ClientPay focuses on making payment processing easy for both the firm and their clients. Their customer service is unmatched.
  • ClientPay typically reduces the costs firms incur associated with credit card processing.
  • ClientPay is focused on the legal industry.


Press Release

Please find a link to the press release here.

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