Streamline collections efforts to increase efficiency and productivity

Collecting on past-due payments is a time-consuming and undesirable process that many law firms are faced with. But unpaid invoices can cause undue hardship by reducing necessary cash flow that’s needed to run day-to-day operations.

LexisNexis® Juris® Suite Collections turns the average, lengthy collections process into a quicker and more efficient process that helps protect your firm’s profitability and reduces the time that staff spends on collections activities.

Juris Suite Collections makes it possible to:


Streamline your collections process – Readily track and access outstanding payment information

View outstanding payments quickly – Locate all information related to a client’s overdue status quickly and easily

Identify payment bottlenecks – Pinpoint both internal and external collections issues

Automate your workflow – Increase efficiency and effectiveness with single-click features and templates


With Juris Suite Collections, you can help manage your law firm like a business, increasing productivity while managing the collections process in a way that respects each client’s relationship and status. The results? Improve your firm’s cash flow, increase partner income, and achieve optimal financial performance.


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