Increase budgeting capabilities and automate reporting processes

We understand that part of managing your firm is budgeting. So, LexisNexis® has expanded its LexisNexis® Juris® capabilities with a helpful module that’s just in time for budgeting season.

Budgeting gives you more reporting and alert capabilities while automating your processes to help you understand your expenses, taking the tedious out of normal budgeting tasks.

Juris Suite Budgeting tailors information, reports, and processes just for you with:


  • Integrated actuals for faster and more accurate budgeting
  • The ability to create individual timekeeper budgets
  • More flexibility and reporting options with multiple budget versions that allows financial modeling and forecasting
  • Templates to move easily between budgeting and Microsoft® Excel®



Download the brochure to have relevant information readily available from Juris Suite Budgeting to make better financial decisions, plan more accurately, and have a positive impact on your firm’s income.

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