InterAction Data Integrity

5 steps to build and maintain
useful and reliable CRM data

Relationship data is the foundation of your firm

Relationship data allows firms to make better business decisions and build stronger relationships with clients. With such vital information, it’s important to maintain data integrity, which requires continuous management, appropriate use of automation, a culture of high-quality data contacts, and the right deployment of human resources.

5 Steps of the Relationship
Data Continuum

Discover the five steps in the relationship data continuum and find out how LexisNexis® InterAction® can help empower your data to ensure business success.

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Continuous Planning and Assessment

Step 1: Plan — Set business goals and assess your data requirements with help from our experts

With InterAction, you have access to a dedicated Client Advisor who will guide you through planning and assessing your data needs and data integrity. Here are three tips for planning and assessing your data:
  • Consider the processes you will need to inform
  • Understand the data you have and where it resides
  • Develop an approach to consolidate your data within InterAction

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  • Step 2: Collect – Automate importing and integrating data
  • Step 3: Maintain – Use smart tools and best practices to keep data integrity
  • Step 4: Enrich – Manage risk and uncover opportunities with intelligence discovery
  • Step 5: Unify – Enable data-driven decisions