Building Diversity: The Importance and Benefits of Diversity in Today’s Legal Environment

“A more diverse group of attorneys can better connect with and relate to diverse clients, witnesses, and juries—and this has led to a higher level of success.”

– Navan Ward, Parliamentarian at the American Association for Justice

Today, corporate law departments are in a unique position to ask for diversity in their law firms because it is supported and encouraged by the legal industry. The purpose of our latest LexisNexis® CounselLink® white paper is for you to get a deeper understanding about:

  • Why it’s more important than ever for legal departments and their vendors to define diversity, track progress, provide demographic data when required, and survey outside counsel regarding their diversity demographics
  • The efforts being made to proactively advance diversity
  • How legal departments can use vendor management to objectively and consistently measure law firm performance with quantifiable diversity metrics

Download our white paper and learn how to overcome the challenges of promoting diversity, the benefits of having a diverse legal team, and how to define what diversity means for your work environment.



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