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Juris Tuesday Topic
Client Matter Intake Module Benefits

Learn about how you can cut down the time you spend in adding Clients and Matters to Juris:

Juris Client Matter Intake Module benefits

  • How to reduce client matter intake from 15 minutes to five minutes
  • Simplify the process with fields that auto-populate
  • Protect client data integrity

How easy it is to implement the Juris Client Matter Intake Module

  • No IT interruption or downtime
  • Just upgrade to Juris version 2.61 or later

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Meet the presenters

Theresa Waters
Consultant, Juris Professional Services
Theresa Waters, a new Juris Professional Services Consultant, has been with the RELX family of companies for five years, joining the Juris Professional Services team in early 2020. Theresa has a B.S. in Business Administration (Accounting) from Columbia College, as well as a Master’s in Forensic Accounting from Webster University. Theresa has over 20 years of experience with accounts receivable and billing processes, as well as forecasting and data analysis.

Rhonda Burkett
Consultant, Juris Professional Services
Rhonda N. Burkett, a new Juris Professional Services Consultant, is home-based in the state of North Carolina. Her expertise includes 15 years with a law firm that utilized Juris as their financial management software. For five of those years, her role was accounting manager overseeing five office locations.