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Expense Capture

Choose a photo from your library (NEW) or take a picture of receipts and easily file them with the correlating matter in Juris.

Challenges when the firm doesn't have an expense receipt:

  • It's difficult and time-consuming to correlate expenses
  • Human error is at play when managing physical copies
  • It takes too much time for accurate manual record-keeping
  • Financial loss is a risk in the event of lost receipts for reimbursable expenses

Benefits of capturing expense receipts digitally with Juris Go:

  • Save time and costs with streamlined billing
  • Save time and costs with a simplified expense claim process
  • Help adhere to IRS requirements for receipt retention for expenses
  • Improve analytics with more accurate expense recording (especially when tracking against clients and matters)

The Expense Capture feature is compatible with Juris version 2.61 and higher. Make sure you have the latest version of Juris and Juris Go. Contact your Juris support team today.

Time Rounding

Easily capture billable hours anywhere, anytime with a built-in timer that makes it possible to automatically round time based on 5-, 6-, 10-, or 15-minute options (NEW).

Additional Juris Go timekeeping features:

  • Reminders that help ensure you don't miss a minute of billable time or lose a receipt
  • Manage time from a calendar view
  • Direct connection to the firm’s Juris data allows timekeepers to pick clients and matters rather than entering names that may not match
  • Works with Touch ID and Face ID, so you are always ready to capture more time
  • Search for time or expenses submitted (or drafted) by date range, expense code, status, client, and matter, so you are always informed no matter where you are

Juris Go Help

Have a question? Help is never far away. Find the answer to just about any Juris Go feature question. Use the in-app help feature (NEW) located under settings.


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