Juris Go Update
Powerful timekeeping and management solutions

With the LexisNexis® Juris® Go 2020 Second Release, our design team focused on making Juris Go the best timekeeping tool available for timekeepers. That meant creating an on-the-go experience similar to Juris Suite Time & Expense, so timekeepers could easily accomplish tasks from their mobile devices and tablets, without interrupting normal workflows or creating extra work.

As part of the latest Juris Go release, several key functions that were only available through the desktop version of Juris Suite are now available via the Juris Go app.

Start using these powerful new features now and discover how we made Juris Go the most valuable timekeeping tool available. Never miss out on billable hours. Sign up today for your complimentary 30-day trial*.

*Juris Suite Time & Expense is required.

New Juris Go timekeeping and management features

  • Edit Submitted Entries
  • Designate Time as Nonbillable
  • Filter by Billable Status
  • Calendar Summary View
  • Multiple Company Support
  • Improved Time Entry UI
  • Increased Local Draft Limit
  • Removed Lookup List Limitation

Juris Go vs iTimeKeep

  Juris Go iTimeKeep
Integration Native Juris integration with live data sync and close match of the Juris Suite timekeeping workflow. Third-party app that cannot support all Juris features and ownership has no knowledge of Juris.
Full support of all Juris timekeeping fields Included Only basic fields
Option to send as Ready to Submit Included Not included
Detailed workflow options Included Not included
Edit submitted drafts Included Not included
Desktop version Available by using Juris Suite Included
Productivity reports Available in Juris Suite Included



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Watch this video to learn more about the latest version of Juris Go 2020 Second Release.