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LexisNexis® Juris® Go is quickly becoming popular among firms for its ability to make the billing cycle more efficient and help firms bill more by giving timekeepers a way to enter time from their smartphones and tablets. Juris Go works on iOS and Android devices and enables attorneys and other timekeepers to quickly enter time as it happens or when it is recent in just a few taps or voice-to-text dictation.

Popular features include:

  • Voice-to-Text Dictation makes data entry fast and easy
  • Direct Juris Suite integration helps timekeepers enter complete details without the need for further editing in Juris Suite
  • Multiple settings to tailor the way timekeepers like to work
  • One-touch timers
  • Time entry search helps timekeepers find missing time and review client history

Some new features:

  • Mark entries as ready to submit – Timekeepers can now choose to send entries to Juris Suite as Drafts or Ready to Submit
  • Code fields are now included – Firms who rely on these fields can now fill them out from the app rather than needing to do so in Juris Suite
  • Hours, client, and matter are no longer required – It's now possible for timekeepers to send partially completed entries to Juris Suite so staff can finish them
  • Client/Matter lookup auto-suggestions – Juris Go will show a list of suggested selections as a user types in the field
  • Duplicate entry – Timekeepers can save time by duplicating existing entries rather than recreating the entire record
  • Preview – Timekeepers can now tap and hold entries in My Time, saving them time when needing to see the details of a particular entry

The first quarterly release is now available and adds more fields, more time-entry options, and more time-saving features. Learn more and see the new version here.

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