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The power of automation in your CRM

In the past, the term automation was associated with manufacturing, production lines, and robotics. But today, automation is impacting just about all industries—including law. For example, while many businesses shrank in 2020, 59.1% of law firms that bucked the trend and experienced high growth also had a high level of automation maturity, according to the latest study by Hinge Research Institute, High Growth Study 2021 – Law Firm & Legal Services Edition.

To find out how your firm can also harness the power of automation, download our latest LexisNexis® InterAction® white paper, “The Hidden Power of Automation Tools in Your Law Firm’s CRM Software Platform.”

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Using a CRM impacts firms and business development

For today’s professional services firms, an effective business development strategy goes beyond client dinners and arbitrary marketing efforts. Firms must be armed with the tools and information they need to identify upcoming opportunities, anticipate client needs, and recognize client interests. Equipped with this information, firms can offer clients new and additional services and launch more targeted marketing, resulting in more leads and an increased ROI.

But where does this information come from that makes business development more effective and improves the firm’s marketing ROI? It comes from implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. If you’re concerned about the cost or effort of integrating new software, keep reading—we have some ROI stats that you’ll be interested in knowing.

Download a copy of the commissioned study delivered by Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic Impact of LexisNexis InterAction: Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by InterAction here.

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Workshop and Training Courses

InterAction Education Subscription

InterAction Education Subscription provides your firm with 24/7 on-demand, interactive training and reference tools for your fee-earners, staff, and InterAction power users. This subscription includes seven modules that detail the functionality and use of every InterAction tool used by both end users and power users. Available online with links that are private to your firm, your users have unlimited access for the duration of your subscription.
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InterAction IQ On-Demand

InterAction IQ (IQ) customers have immediate access to a self-paced, interactive training module. This engaging session includes training on configuration, folders, and data change management with a bonus knowledge check. Please note that the module is only available to active IQ customers as part of their maintenance and support services plan. Find out more.

Data Quality Workshop

There is no better time than now to verify the quality of your contacts and lists. This workshop has up to eight hours of private, web-based training, plus data maintenance in your InterAction environment. Our trainers will help you develop strategies to approach your data quality processes efficiently and with focus. Download our data quality brochure to learn more.

InterAction Education On-Demand Modules

Public Virtual InterAction Power User Training Classes

Available year-round, the virtual InterAction Power User training courses are great remote, hands-on training options:

  • InterAction Windows Client: Folders, Contacts, and Best Practices for Managing Lists

    This session provides an in-depth review of the Windows Client, contact and folder maintenance in the Windows Client, as well as best practices for managing marketing lists and events. You will learn how folders are created, edited, and saved within your organization’s folder structure, how to create and manage contacts within your folder structure, and how to efficiently use your folders and contacts for your marketing projects and events!

    Targeted Roles: Marketing professionals, data quality managers, business development professionals, and administrators who will be working with or supporting InterAction.

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  • InterAction Windows Client: Managing Data Quality and Data Change Management

    This session provides best practices for managing data quality tools and searches, duplicate contacts and data, and the Data Change Management (DCM) inbox. You will learn how to analyze the contact health in your InterAction system and then create an efficient process to manage your own data quality: minimizing duplicates, maintaining company association, and managing the DCM inbox.

    Targeted Roles: Data quality managers, marketing professionals, and business development professionals who will be entering and editing data or maintaining data quality.

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  • InterAction Administrator: Managing User Accounts, User Groups, Contact Settings, and Contact Syncs

    This session provides an in-depth review of the InterAction Administrator, as well as managing user accounts and user groups, user contact update and relationship settings, and configuring contact syncs. You will learn best practices for user account and group management, efficiencies for new contact and contact update rules (including Smart Connect), and how to create an efficient sync process.

    Targeted Roles: IT or other InterAction administrators who will be managing the user and group accounts and contact update configurations.

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  • InterAction Administrator: Managing Configurations

    This session provides expanded details for configuration and maintenance options available in the InterAction Administrator. You will learn best practices for environment configurations, contact profiles, folder dependency rules, data change management settings, and more.

    Targeted Roles: IT or marketing administrators who will be managing the configuration of various aspects in the database.

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Share your insights on InterAction

Your peers come to G2 to get an inside look at Legal Practice Management tools and other business solutions; adding your perspective on InterAction will help others pick the right solution based on real user experiences.

G2 will send the first 20 reviewers of InterAction a $25* Gift Card (or equivalent) to say thanks for contributing a detailed, balanced, and complete review.

* is not a sponsor of this promotion. Terms and conditions apply.

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Discover the InterAction & Index Solutions tools to clean and monitor your data

Studies show that most organizations have alarming percentages of unmaintained or inaccurate data. While InterAction has industry-leading tools that house, maintain, and enrich your data, improving the accuracy of your data is essential.

Watch the recording to learn the best practices, tips, and advice on proactively improving the state of your data, how to drive engagement with your lawyers, and leveraging data intelligence to help build more business opportunities.

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Take a look back at data quality in the Erin Brockovich era

It was almost 30 years ago that firms started to digitize their case management. Since then, technology has continued to advance, making running a law firm easier and more efficient for all departments, from legal to accounting to business development. Before we began digitizing data, case management, timekeeping, communicating with clients, and managing data were all done manually.

One of the best examples of how much effort lawyers and clerks went through to prepare a case is the movie, Erin Brockovich.

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Monthly updates

Every month, we release a product update that informs you of the latest InterAction capabilities. Check out the latest InterAction updates here. You can check the updates on the resources page on a monthly basis.

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Maintenance and support benefits

Get to know all the benefits that you can have access to. With InterAction Maintenance and Support, your CRM software is enhanced with a dedicated team of experts ready to help you grow your business and achieve your business goals. Learn more with the brochure and toolkit.

Get a copy of the InterAction Maintenance and Support guide to learn more.

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Access GrowBIG® coaching videos in the Clients Insights Module

Business development is an essential part of law firm's growth and success. With our InterAction and Bunnell Idea Group (BIG) partnership, you have access to the latest technology and the most effective business development techniques to uncover new business opportunities.

In the InterAction Client Insights Module, InterAction and Bunnell Idea Group provided GrowBIG® coaching videos with quick and easy to learn best practices, tips and advice on which actions have the biggest impact on clients and prospects.

Instantly access the “Deepening Relationships” video series or sign up for the complimentary, full course, “Winning the Relationship Advantage,” at the bottom of the page.

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