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JULY 2021


Study shows the right CRM delivers 220% ROI

Forrester Consulting conducted a study to find out just how valuable LexisNexis® InterAction® can be. Forrester interviewed firms and determined the Total Economic Impact (TEI) from utilizing InterAction. While the benefits of InterAction include automating processes, improving marketing efficiencies, and boosting business development (BD) income, the TEI put actual percentages and numbers behind those benefits.

According to the study, integrating InterAction into marketing and business development processes aggregated an ROI of 220% in just over three years! The study also finds that businesses improved firm revenue by 18% in a single year with InterAction.

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Unlock the key trends for firm growth and success

It’s been a bumpy ride around the world since our “2019 Marketing & Business Development Report” was published. Every firm was affected in different ways—some thrived, some faltered—but many professional services firms faced payment delays, potential layoffs, or economic instability.

In our 2021 report, we asked global firms in-depth and important questions about what could make or break them: “What decisions did your firm make in 2020? What preparations do you still need to make for tomorrow?” And we analyzed how these decisions compared to other firms in the marketplace. In particular, we compared firms that embrace new approaches to those that do not.

Take the LexisNexis InterAction Business Development Maturity Assessment and discover where your firm sits on our BD Maturity Scale. Begin assessment.

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Workshop and Training Courses

InterAction Education Subscription

InterAction Education Subscription provides your firm with 24/7 on-demand, interactive training and reference tools for your fee-earners, staff, and InterAction power users. This subscription includes seven modules that detail the functionality and use of every InterAction tool used by both end users and power users. Available online with links that are private to your firm, your users have unlimited access for the duration of your subscription. Find out more.

InterAction IQ On-Demand

InterAction IQ (IQ) customers have immediate access to a self-paced, interactive training module. This engaging session includes training on configuration, folders, and data change management with a bonus knowledge check. Please note that the module is only available to active IQ customers as part of their maintenance and support services plan. Find out more.

Data Quality Workshop

There is no better time than now to verify the quality of your contacts and lists. This workshop has up to eight hours of private, web-based training, plus data maintenance in your InterAction environment. Our trainers will help you develop strategies to approach your data quality processes efficiently and with focus. Download our data quality brochure to learn more.

InterAction Education On-Demand Modules

Public Virtual InterAction Power User Training Classes

Available all year round, here are the virtual InterAction Power User training courses that are great remote, hands-on training options:

  • InterAction Windows Client: Folders, Contacts & Best Practices for Managing Lists

    This session provides an in-depth review of the Windows Client, contact and folder maintenance in the Windows Client, as well as best practices for managing marketing lists and events. You will learn how folders are created, edited, and saved within your organization’s folder structure, how to create and manage contacts within your folder structure, and how to efficiently use your folders and contacts for your marketing projects and events!

    Targeted Roles: Marketing professionals, data quality managers, business development professionals, and administrators who will be working with or supporting InterAction.

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  • InterAction Windows Client: Managing Data Quality and Data Change Management

    This session provides best practices for managing data quality tools and searches, duplicate contacts and data, and the Data Change Management (DCM) inbox. You will learn how to analyze the contact health in your InterAction system and then create an efficient process to manage your own data quality: minimizing duplicates, maintaining company association, and managing the DCM inbox.

    Targeted Roles: Data quality managers, marketing professionals, and business development professionals who will be entering and editing data or maintaining data quality.

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  • InterAction Administrator: Managing User Accounts, User Groups, Contact Settings, and Contact Syncs

    This session provides an in-depth review of the InterAction Administrator, as well as managing user accounts and user groups, user contact update and relationship settings, and configuring contact syncs. You will learn best practices for user account and group management, efficiencies for new contact and contact update rules (including Smart Connect), and how to create an efficient sync process.

    Targeted Roles: IT or other InterAction Administrators who will be managing the user and group accounts and contact update configurations.

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  • InterAction Administrator: Managing Configurations

    This session provides expanded details for configuration and maintenance options available in the InterAction Administrator. You will learn best practices for environment configurations, contact profiles, folder dependency rules, data change management settings, and more.

    Targeted Roles: IT or Marketing Administrators who will be managing the configuration of various aspects in the database.

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Importance of data quality

Your InterAction CRM holds relationship data that is the foundation of the firm, allowing you to make better business decisions and build stronger relationships with clients. With such vital information, it’s important to maintain data integrity. Discover the five steps in the relationship data continuum to make sure your data is working for you.

Don’t risk the validity, accuracy, and consistency of your data any longer. Get data quality services from the experts who know your InterAction CRM software best. Learn more about what our Professional Services Consultants can do for your critical client data.

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Technology-driven marketing

Experts agree that it is important to maintain—or perhaps even increase—marketing investments during economic crises, but law firm marketing professionals must make some difficult choices about which specific tactics to prioritize.

With precious dollars to spend and internal pressure amped up to drive new business opportunities, marketers need to zero in on the types of initiatives that will move the needle in the short term without neglecting long-term brand health.

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Take a moment to browse the new website for all of the in-depth information and helpful resources you need to help your InterAction experience run smoothly.

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