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JULY 2020

Lessons Learned

LexisNexis® InterAction® has released an in-depth, global research report, Confronting the 2020 Downturn: Lessons Learned by Law Firm Marketing Professionals During Previous Economic Crises, based on extensive research and first-account interviews. The report takes an intimate look at how top legal marketing experts recovered from previous economic crises—and even planned for future growth in the midst of uncertainty—to help your law firm with tips, strategies, plans, and statistics.

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Inside the Buyer's Brain

The professional services landscape is changing and so are the ways clients view and choose their professional services firms. It’s important to stay on top of the latest industry trends to win with successful business development strategies. InterAction is here to help with a complimentary research report, Inside the Buyer’s Brain: Understand your buyers. Win more business. by Hinge® Research Institute.

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Workshop and Training Courses

Data Quality Workshop

Do you want to increase your data integrity while improving your prioritized contacts? This workshop has up to eight hours of private, web-based training plus data maintenance in your InterAction environment to clean up DCM Inbox and Contact Duplicates.

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Public Virtual Core InterAction Training by Role

Available July to August, here are the virtual Core InterAction training course bundles that are great off-site, hands-on training options over the summer:

Monthly Update

Every month, we release a product update that informs you of the latest InterAction capabilities. Check out the latest InterAction updates here.

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Accelerate 2021 | Save the Date

Mark your calendar for the most anticipated annual InterAction Accelerate Growth Strategies and Technology Summit on September 14 – 16, 2021. We look forward to seeing you next year! This event is open to InterAction Americas clients.

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How to empower a remote workforce in the long-term

Remote working has become the new normal. Six leaders reveal how to empower a workforce in this setup in the long-term. They discuss the importance of collaboration, communication, tooling, CRM, and the cloud. To find out what they have to say, read this article on Information Age by Nick Ismail.

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A guide to data-driven business development

Read Scott Wallingford's latest article on Fleximize, A Guide to Data Driven Business Development, where he discusses how a data-driven approach to business development can be highly successful for professional services firms that may have previously relied on face-to-face interactions.

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Top tips for effective business development

As we settle in to the new normal of working from home and a dispersed workforce, regular business operations must resume. For some firms, the challenges of business, such as maintaining data quality and securing fee-earner engagement, may get worse. Explore the top tips that are worth embedding into your business functions to create an effective data quality approach and to engage remote users.

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