Data Quality Services from InterAction

Your clients are counting on you. Can you count on your client data?

Your most important clients rely on you and your staff to know and understand the intricacies of your working relationship. But client data changes frequently across the firm’s practice areas, offices, and staff who come and go. And with downsizing and remote work, many firms are seeing their CRM data quality take a hit, and it could be affecting your firm’s client engagement, client communication, and potentially your firm's success.

Resourcing is always a challenge. Without the right level of resources in place when your firm really needs them, your firm can risk important engagements and firm’s initiatives that could result in poor business development, ill-informed planning, and irreparably damaged client experience.

To ensure that your staff can count on your data to support the business, LexisNexis® InterAction® Data Quality Analysts are available now to help get your data quality back on track.

Get data quality services from the experts who know your InterAction CRM software best.

With dedicated, full-time InterAction Data Quality Analysts who are immersed and trained in InterAction data processes and systems, we offer:

Weekly and monthly touchpoints and trend reporting from the team that knows InterAction best

Assured data security and data privacy using our own robust LexisNexis® infrastructure

Comprehensive service that encompasses highly trained consultancy, data strategy, and data stewardship

Data Quality Services that can be added on through your annual Professional Service Plan (PSP). Custom plans are available to support special projects, including initial InterAction implementations.

The most robust and knowledgeable InterAction services come from the InterAction team

You get the best at the very start of your working relationship with our data quality experts, with scaled options to meet your needs at the optimal time that works for your business. Our InterAction experts get to work right away to understand your data needs.

Don’t risk the validity, accuracy, and consistency of your data any longer. The InterAction team is here to deliver the data foundation required to support your business goals.

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