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The LexisNexis® CounselLink® team continues to monitor the effects of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on businesses and is here to provide you with useful resources to help you navigate this challenging environment. We want to empower you with relevant and meaningful content, so you can work smarter, be more efficient, demonstrate value, and increase professional learning opportunities.

Did you know about the Idea Board tool?

The CounselLink Idea Board gives clients a quick and easy way to offer enhancement suggestions and influence our product team’s roadmap. Users can weigh in and vote on the idea, giving us insight into how important each suggestion is to our customers.

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On-Demand Videos for new CounselLink Administrators

Get the knowledge you need to execute basic admin functions in CounselLink. These short videos make learning easy.

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Get Up and Running, Even Remotely

Wondering what the new norm is for someone who’s already been working remotely? See how effective the CounselLink Services Team is when it comes to remote implementation of an ELM solution.

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Rate Management-6 Steps for Success

Now more than ever, managing spend is critical. This comprehensive white paper outlines the steps corporate legal department should consider to control outside counsel expense.

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Aaron Pierce Joins Legal Talk Network

Listen to Aaron Pierce, CounselLink Vice President and General Manager, as he discusses the importance of staying mindful to billing cycles, even while business pressures mount to improve cash flow.

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LexisNexis University – CounselLink User Administration (5/14/2020)

Free instructor-led course that provides basic User Administration knowledge. Great for those new to this role. Register for this May 14 live event today.

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LexisNexis University – Reporting 101 (5/15/2020)

Demonstrate value with the reporting features in CounselLink. This training will provide basic reporting knowledge for anyone looking to run reports. Register today for this May 15 live event.

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CounselLink April Lunch and Learn (4/29/20)

Our Getting Started with Work Management session revealed how CounselLink users can improve compliance and efficiency, manage deadlines, and more. You may watch the event recording at your convenience.

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Law360 Breaking News

Stay updated with top news articles and expert analysis around COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Legislative & Regulatory Updates

Keep track of the latest state and federal government activities related to COVID-19, including pending bills, new regulations, and executive orders.

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LexisNexis Software Solutions FAQ around COVID-19

RELX, the parent company of LexisNexis, provides answers to many frequently asked questions and a response to COVID-19.

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Tips to Managing Change in Uncertain Times

Aaron Pierce, CounselLink Vice President and General Manager, provides tips on managing change during uncertain times.

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Telecommuting Best Practices

As many of us move to working remotely, check out some best practices from a work-from-home veteran.

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2019 CounselLink Trends Report

This report provides you with benchmarking data based on more than $33B in legal spend that can help you manage costs.

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Best Practices for Managing Cyber Risks

Be aware and vigilant of potential cyberattacks with these common-sense tactics for online security.

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Resources for Staying Sane While Being Remote

Since working from home can be challenging, here are some resources to help you look after your well-being in these trying times.

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Business Continuity and Contingency Planning in Outsourcing

Learn more about business continuity and contingency planning in outsourcing transactions.

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Infographic: 5 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from COVID-19

Here’s an at-a-glance reminder about how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus. Help spread the word, not the virus.

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