Track and Improve DEI with CounselLink

Change really can be measured.

With over two decades of providing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) solutions for legal departments, LexisNexis® CounselLink® has pioneered efforts to help improve DEI. Whether you’re just starting your journey to implement DEI or looking to improve your efforts, CounselLink has the experience and is ready to help.

CounselLink DEI Tools

  • Law firm diversity survey
  • Timekeeper-specific identification
  • Custom data fields
  • Diversity program planning and implementation

Benefits of CounselLink DEI Solutions

  • Track DEI metrics
  • Assess a vendor’s talent pool
  • Build successful vendor management programs
  • Reward vendors for DEI programs

Additional Resources

At CounselLink, we are committed to helping improve the diversity of the legal industry. Would you like more information about how to build a diversity program and have meaningful discussion about diversity with your law firms? Contact us for more information.


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