Free whitepaper:
“CRM and the Professional Services Organization: Understanding Relationship Intelligence and Its Benefits”

It’s true -- desktop card indexing systems and CRMs are good for organizing contact information. But why just organize contacts when you can access and use relationship intelligence to build and strengthen the kind of relationships that help your firm grow?


The relationship intelligence InterAction provides can help you:


  • Reduce client defections through proper client management
  • Increase cross-sell and up-sell revenues
  • Leverage relationships to win new business
  • Eliminate missed opportunities
  • Avoid embarrassing losses
  • Reduce losses associated with employee turnover
  • Eliminate inefficiencies caused by bad data
  • And more

Our new, in-depth whitepaper explores all of these benefits in detail. Download it now to find out how leveraging the powerful capabilities of relationship intelligence can drive your firm’s growth.