Hyperion’s 2021 Enterprise Legal Management MarketView Report

LexisNexis® CounselLink® is recognized in Hyperion’s Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) MarketView Report as Leading Enterprise Legal Management Solution. In Hyperion’s assessment of CounselLink, the report notes several capabilities that merit these distinctions:

INVOICE COMPLIANCE AUTOMATION: Unique software and service model for 100% compliance, including the sophisticated SmartReview invoice review tool that delivers actionable intelligence significantly beyond task coding.

PLATFORM MATURITY: One of the first vendors to embrace SaaS for ELM, LexisNexis leverages the platform’s capabilities to its fullest, delivering a unique value proposition with ever-evolving tools, capabilities and partnerships.

PERFORMANCE METRICS: Value-driven matter scorecards improve portfolio awareness and integrate into everyday processes to support informed decision-making.

LAW FIRM PAYMENTS: CounselLink FastTrack invoice payment service enables law firms to improve cash flow while simplifying and streamlining payables processes.

“Legal Operations teams today are keenly focused on delivering high quality service and effective collaboration to their business partners. LexisNexis and the CounselLink team are just as ardent in their drive to deliver the tools, innovation, and capabilities their clients need to achieve operational performance excellence.”

— Eyal Iffergan, President of Hyperion Research



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