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Unlocking the Change Management Secrets of User Adoption

Join David Jacobs, Senior InterAction® Client Advisor, and Elena Cutri, LexisNexis® Director of Education as they share successful InterAction adoption strategies, along with best practices for putting those strategies into action. You’ll learn:

  • Key factors to consider when formulating your own change management strategy
  • How to unlock the power of change management to increase InterAction user adoption
  • How to deliver customer experiences that set your firm apart

Download the webinar slides here.


About the Presenters

David Jacobs, Senior Client Advisor, InterAction
Since joining LexisNexis in 2006, Dave has supported the marketing and business development initiatives of hundreds of law firms. Previously, he worked as an Enterprise Client Engagement Manager for InterAction, serving as a consultant, technical advisor and project manager to help guide firms in selecting and deploying the right portfolio solutions for their needs.

Elena Cutri, Director of Education, LexisNexis
An educator by trade, Elena enjoys partnering with clients to help guide their change management efforts through learning. She holds both a Master of Arts degree in Corporate Communications and a Master of Business Administration degree in Management. Elena also serves as an adjunct faculty member teaching Public Speaking 101 at a college in Chicago.