Help Your Legal Department Adopt CounselLink Quickly and Easily

Three Ways to Improve Your Team’s Experience with CounselLink

Implementing CounselLink® enterprise legal management solution was an important step in improving legal operations. But for it to be truly successful, the entire legal department has to fully adopt the technology. We can help your team take full advantage of all the benefits of CounselLink easily and efficiently.

Easy Access with Single Sign-On

CounselLink can be integrated with your company’s single sign-on system to provide seamless access anytime, anywhere.

Increased Value with Accounts Payable Integration

Implementing a two-way integration between CounselLink and your existing AP system can save time, reduce errors, and increase visibility into your legal spend.

Improved Efficiency with Billing Guidelines Optimization

CounselLink experts can partner with you to implement a data-driven approach to refining billing guidelines and rule sets to increase productivity and savings.

See how these easy-to-implement initiatives can help you and your team get the most out of CounselLink. Fill out the form to have one of our experts contact you.

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